FCHS Clubs and Organizations

Academic Team

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Howard/Ms. Lindsey

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  107A

Academic Team is for students interested in competing academically against other schools. Season is September - April. Matches on Mondays. Practices are during FLEX and meets are either after school or on Saturdays.

Adventurer's Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Mancuso

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  238B

The Adventurers Club is for students interested in playing tabletop role-playing games (RPGs).   We like the creative experience of telling stories, building worlds, having discussions and having fun together.  Come join us for the Adventurers Club.  All are welcome in this club.  You are not required to bring anything to the meeting, but you are welcome to bring your own gaming and/or snacking supplies.

Best Buddies

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Green

Dues:  $15.00

Location:  139A

Best Buddies is a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, integrated employment, leadership development, and inclusive living for individuals with intellectual and developments disabilities (IDD). High school members will form meaningful friendships with Special Olympic athletes, help train athletes and volunteer with Special Olympic events. All students are invited to join. Students must fill out Georgia Special Olympics applications as well as Best Buddies International applications.

Bowling Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Cantrell and Mrs. Rymer

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  Fannin Lanes

The club allows students to meet monthly at Fannin Lanes for bowling.  The goal is to allow students time to socialize with one another, learn the rules of the game, and play.  The club is completely voluntary and fun for all.

Breaking the Silence (BTS)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Cantrell and Mrs. Rymer

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  Counselor's Conference Room

FCHS would like to move to Break the Silence (BTS) and end the stigma surrounding mental health. BTS has two overall goals. The first goal is to educate high school students about mental health. The second goal is supporting students in finding creative ways to convey this knowledge to their peers in order to reduce stigma, raise awareness, encourage help-seeking when needed, and ultimately help to promote the early detection of mental illness. The club will participate in activities which will spread mental health awareness on campus. 

Collector's Club

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Ades

Dues:  $10.00

Location:  119NG

Collectors Club allows students to teach and learn healthy habits when collecting as well as bring together a group of students with a common interest who will organize and participate in local card shows and maintain a social media site for the club.

FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes)

Sponsor(s):  Coach Breeden/Coach Pass

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  New Gym

Fellowship of Christian Athletes welcomes everyone. You do not have to be a student athlete. Leadership meets weekly.

FCCLA (Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Stone

Dues:  $30.00

Location:  106BW

Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the Career Technical Student Organization with family as its central focus. FCCLA has a place for everyone with opportunities for all career interests. FCCLA promotes student leadership and growth through Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Students participate in community and state events and can compete on the region, state and national levels.

FFA (Future Farmers of America)

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Davis/Ms. Mathews

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  Cafeteria

FFA is for all students enrolled in an agricultural education class during the school year are automatically members of the Local, State and National FFA Associations. FFA members participate in community service projects, fundraisers, recreational activities, competitions, conferences, and conventions on all levels.

Film and Television Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Workman

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  202C

Film and Television Club does not meet during Club Day. Meeting dates and times will be determined. This club is an interest-based club for students to engage with interactive video media ranging from YouTube to Independent Film to Broadcast Television. The club will provide an outlet for students to express their admiration for film and television with the hopes that him/her may blossom into future creative endeavors.

Fishing Club

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Ramirez

Dues:  $15.00

Location:  Commons Area

Fishing Club members learn casting skills, entomology (study of bugs), fly tying, safety, stream and river information, and conservation. Fishing trips to local ponds/lakes/rivers may be offered to qualified students. Meeting dates and times to be determined. Students must have access to a boat, boat captain (adult), and gear that meets safety and insurance requirements.

GOP Republican Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Stinnett

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  110E

The purpose of the GOP Republican Club is to coordinate and unify conservative students who share core values and beliefs, to support the Republican Party and their members in Fannin County, to manage and engage in other activities to further the cause of the Republican Party and teach others the meaning behind the Party.

GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance)

Sponsor(s):  Ms. Lindsey

Dues:  $5.00

Location:  237B

The Gay-Straight Alliance provides a safe and welcoming environment for any student interested in topics related to the LGBTQ+ community. Any student is welcome to join regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. We do team-building activities, promote equality, have guest speakers, and complete a community service project. We strive to build a positive school community through education and awareness. The leadership team meets weekly. Regular club members meet monthly with leadership team and sponsors.

HOSA (Future Health Professionals)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Gibbs

Dues:  $20.00

Location:  102D

HOSA is for any student interested in a future career in healthcare. HOSA is 100% healthcare; all community service, conferences and competitions are healthcare related. HOSA is for your future; college applications, scholarships, resumes and experience!

Key Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Thompson

Dues:  $10.00

Location:  124NGB

Key Club is a helping club! If you have a heart for helping others, join and accumulate service hours by doing projects, going on field trips, attending conferences and events. You CAN be in Key Club in addition to other clubs!

Mock Trial Team

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Evans

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  124NGA

Mock Trial Team is for students interested in law and drama along with being quick thinkers. Students portray roles of a court case. Practices held after school. Season starts in September with competitions held in January, but may continue into March (depending on tournament results).

Mountain Bike Club

Sponsor(s):  Dr. Jessen

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  123A

The purpose of the FCHS Mountain Bike Club is to meet to discuss mountain bike riding, hydration and nutrition, trail etiquette, racing, fun rides, and bring awareness to the sport at the high school level. Students must meet academic and attendance eligibility in order to participate. Club meets on Club Days in room 123A.

NAHS (National Art Honor Society)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Thompson

Dues:  $15.00

Location:  100A

National Art Honor Society is for students who love to learn about or create art. It is an honor society so students must be chosen and inducted. Students have to take art once each year and must maintain an “A” average in art and a “B” or higher overall average to be invited to join.

NHS (National Honor Society)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Evans/Mrs. Davis

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  124NG

National Honor Society is the nation's premier organization established to recognize outstanding high school students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character (membership is based on these areas and is by invitation only).

NTHS (National Technical Honor Society)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Adams

Dues:  $40.00

Location:  122BW

National Technical Honor Society honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s competitive, skilled workforce. CTAE students must meet certain criteria to be invited to join.

SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Sponsor(s):  Coach Pass

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  109AFH

SADD has grown to become the nation's dominant peer-to-peer youth prevention organization with thousands of chapters in high schools.With its expanded focus, SADD now highlights prevention of all destructive behaviors and attitudes that are harmful to young people, including underage drinking, substance abuse, impaired driving, violence, and suicide. SADD's unique approach involves young people delivering education and prevention messages to their peers through school and community-wide activities and campaigns responsive to the needs of their particular locations.


Sponsor(s):  Mr. Flowers

Dues:  $20.00

Location:  121D

Skills USA provides experiences in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development. Emphasis is placed on high ethical standards, superior work skills, lifelong learning and pride. Students can compete in over 100 leadership and skills competitions on the regional, state, and national levels.

Sources of Strength

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Walker

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  114BW

Sources of Strength is a group of students who strive to promote positive mental health and to prevent suicide. The mission of Sources of Strength is to prevent suicide by increasing help seeking behaviors and promoting connections between peers and caring adults. Sources of Strength is a best practice youth suicide prevention project designed to empower students to help their peers realize that when times get hard they have strengths to rely on.

Spanish Club

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Johnson

Dues:  $10.00

Location:  115E

Spanish Club is for students interested in developing and enhancing their Spanish language skills. Students participate in cultural learning activities and fundraisers. Students need to be enrolled in Spanish class or have an interest in learning more about the Spanish language and culture.

Thespians/Drama Club

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Hodgkins

Dues:  $35.00

Location:  346PAC

Thespians/Drama Club is for all students interested in any aspect of Theatre. Thespians also meet with drama club. (Thespian membership is merit/work based, after earning 10+ points in Performing Arts.)

Tome Society (Reading Team)

Sponsor(s):  Mrs. Martin

Dues:  $0.00

Location:  Media Center

Tome Society provides avid readers with a chance to participate in a reading competition. Members read and become experts on 20 Tome Society chosen books. Members participate in online assessments throughout the year to acquire points for the team. The highest ranked teams will then compete at TomeCon in March.

TSA (Technology Students Association)

Sponsor(s):  Mr. Gibbs/Mr. Ruder

Dues:  $20.00

Location:  116D

The Technology Students Association motto is “Learning to Lead in a Technical World.” If you would like to be a DJ on Rebel Radio, broadcast live video, do play-by-play commentary for football/basketball games, race an electric car, or join the high tech world of robotics & 3D printing then TSA is for you. Annual trips made to the State Fair, Athens, & Jekyll Island.