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Mr.  Bubba  Gibbs
CTAE Department
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1987: Fannin County High School, Blue Ridge, GA

1992: Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

         Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering, Cooperative education program, High Honors


I began teaching at Fannin County High School in 2007.  During this time, I have taught Physical Science, Honors Chemistry, Honors Physics, Foundations of Engineering, Engineering Concepts, and Applications of Engineering.  I am certified to teach high school Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Engineering Technology.

Prior to becoming a teacher, I held numerous positions in a global company manufacturing high end electronics for fiber optic and wireless communication systems.  My background in Manufacturing Engineering has given me the foundation for relating math and science to the real world.

As part of my responsibilties as the Engineering teacher at Fannin High, I am also the advisor for the Technology Student Association (TSA.)  TSA is a global organization with a mission to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math into the high school curriculum.


I grew up in Fannin County and graduated from the high school in 1987.  Most of my free time was spent playing sports, water skiing, and hiking.  Like most students in small towns, I could not wait to get out of here and explore the world.  I was introduced to the world beyond Blue Ridge during a senior trip to England and Scotland.  From that point forward, it has been my desire to see as much of the world as possible.

When I started at Georgia Tech in 1987, I planned to be an architect.  Plans quickly changed, and I switched to Industrial Engineering, after a brief stopover in Mechanical Engineering.  At the end of my Sophomore year at Tech, I began working with Reliance Electric as a co-op student.  Not only did this help pay for my school, it gave me valuable work experience and helped me obtain my first job after college.

Upon graduating from Tech in 1992, I went to work full time in Toccoa, GA with Reliance Electric.  I became involved in a project to set-up a factory in rural northern Mexico, and I spent the better part of two years traveling in and out of Mexico.  I should have studied Spanish in high school and college!  Soon after completing the Mexico project, I was given the opportunity to move to Shanghai, China to help start a new manufacturing company through a joint venture with the Chinese government.  I readily accepted the opportunity, and moved to Shanghai at the age of 24.

Before a year had passed, I was given the position of General Manager, Shanghai Reltec and signed up for an additional three years!  During this time, the business grew from a $3 million dollar business to an $11 million dollar business.  We were making wireless base stations for the booming Chinese phone market, and that business is now doing over $100 million dollars per year.

In 1998, I was promoted to Marketing Director, Asia Pacific and moved to Beijing.  During this time, I was responsible for all of the marketing activities from Australia to Northern China for a $1 Billion company.  I spent most of my time traveling from country to country meeting with customers and setting up business opportunities.

In 1999, the company was purchased by the British firm Marconi, named after the founder who had invented the radio.  After the transition, I decided to move back to the US, and I landed a job with the company in Dallas, TX as Marketing Director for Fiber Optics communications systems for North America.  I spent most of the year traveling around the US and meeting with customers promoting our Fiber Optic products.  In December that year, I was given the opportunity to move to England with a different division and become the Vice President for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

I spent a year and a half in England setting up a group to sell, market, and manufacture telecommunications hardware.  I had an office in England and one in Italy.  I traveled all over Europe and the Middle East meeting with customers and promoting our products.  During this time, the global ramp-up of the telecommunications market began to slow, and I was asked to move back to Dallas to downsize the business.  At that point, I determined that it was in my best interest to move back to Blue Ridge.  I had seen the world, and it was time to head home!

After returning to Blue Ridge, I focused mainly on a real estate development called Stuart Mountain.  I have been developing and selling lots and homes there since 1996.  The development is still active today.

In 2007, I decided to go into the teaching field and was very fortunate to land a job teaching science at Fannin County High.  Since that time, I have been the Science Department Head, sponsored the Academic Team, coached Baseball, been the advisor for TSA, and I am adding basketball coach to the list this year!  I enjoy interacting with the students and helping them make the decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.  In my free time, I like to travel, hike, and grow grapes.  I have been to 50 states and 40 countries, and I hope to someday hit 100 countries.