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FCHS Dress Code Information
Posted On:
Saturday, July 14, 2018

All schools in Fannin County will open their doors to students on August 3, 2018. The dress code at Fannin County High School (FCHS) is a topic of importance to students and parents as new school clothes are sought out and purchased for August. The dress code at FCHS is a Fannin County Board of Education Administrative Regulation and remains relatively unchanged for the upcoming school year. However, for incoming 9th graders and new students to FCHS, the dress code may be somewhat new. Agendas will be distributed to all students at the beginning of school, which contain the dress code along with additional policies and procedures. Also, during the first week of school, administrators will conduct grade level meetings to review expectations with FCHS students. The entire dress code is outlined on the school’s website at

The Dress Code followed at FCHS includes but is not limited to the following guidelines:

1 - Skirts and shorts must have a hem length of no more than four inches above the top of the kneecap.

2 - Tops that leave the shoulder bare are not permitted and shoulder straps must be three inches or more in width. Sleeveless tops, for girls and boys, must have an appropriate arm opening that fits around the arm.

3 - Hairstyles, makeup, paints or clothing accessories that present a disruption to the school environment are not acceptable.

4 - Clothing with derogatory, terroristic, insulting, sexual, violent or insinuating messages is prohibitted along with clothing having advertisements for drugs, alcohol, weapons, or tobacco.

5 - Slashed clothing, clothing with holes, tights, sheer lace, cropped tops, sunglasses, hats, bandanas, or chains are not acceptable.

6 - Pajamas are not acceptable and shoes must be worn at all times.

7 - Facial piercing jewelry: Earrings, studs and posts are permitted. Not permitted are hoops, rings and spikes in eyebrows, nose and lips. All jewelry must be worn appropriately.

The expectations of the administration, faculty and staff of FCHS in regard to student dress are high. Dressing appropriate for given situations is an important lesson for all to learn. Any student(s) in need of assistance in meeting the dress code will be assisted by the staff. Again, for detailed explanations of the dress code please see the school website or contact the school.


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