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FCHS TSA Engineering Teams Qualify for National Competition
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Thursday, April 05, 2018
FCHS TSA Engineering Teams Qualify for National Competition
FCHS TSA Engineering Teams Qualify for National Competition
Congratulations to the TSA Engineering TEAMS! Both the 9th/10th grade team and the 11th/12th grade team achieved a combined score high enough to qualify to compete at the National TSA Engineering TEAMS competition. The National competition will be held from June 22 to 26 in Atlanta, GA.
It has been 4 years since one of the FCHS TEAMS has qualified for the National Competition. The test consists of high level Physics, Calculus, and Chemistry questions and a written essay on alternative energy. I am really proud of these students for doing such a great job at the State Competition, and I am looking forward to seeing them perform at the National Conference!
More information on Teams can be found at:
National TEAMS Competitions
There are three national TEAMS competitions, as well as a “Best in Nation” award.
The national TEAMS competitions are:
Digital Media (submitted online no later than May 31)
Prepared Presentation (first round takes place on Saturday, June 23. Semifinals take place on Sunday, June 24.)
Problem Solving (takes place on Saturday, June 23)
Best in Nation (determined by the combination of the three scores)
Pictured are front row (L to R) – Christian Jensen, John Moler, McCay Turner, Patrick Conner, Analea Cioffi, Anna Holloway, Brook Patton, Lexi McGill, Morgan Patton, and Charitty Tuttle (FCHS graduate and GT student)
Back Row (L to R) – Ramtin Doroodchi, Tim Garland, Mascon Buchannan (FCHS Graduate and GT student,) Hunter Alexander, Eli Young, Matthew Shirah, Ben Collins, and Jordan Newman


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