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FCHS Technology Students Place at State Competition
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Tuesday, March 27, 2018
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The Technology Student Association (TSA) is a Career Technical Student Organization (CTSO) at Fannin County High School and Middle School focused on engaging students in Engineering and Technology related activities and projects. During the course of the year, the students attend several competitions and leadership training events.

From March 14 through 17th, the TSA students from Fannin County High attended the State Leadership Conference in Athens, GA. Students competed in events such as VEX Robotics, Electrathon Cars, Extemporaneous Speech, Technology Debate, Photography, and Problem Solving. Nineteen high school students and 9 middle school students attended the conference.

“I am extremely proud of the effort that our High School and Middle School students put into the State Competitions. These students are building life-long skills in time management, critical thinking, and professional conduct. I am looking forward to watching these students compete at the National level this summer.” Bubba Gibbs, Engineering Teacher, Fannin County High School.

The Fannin County High School Chapter was the 20th ranked chapter out of a total of 75 chapters attending from the State of Georgia. FCHS competed with schools of all sizes, regardless of school size or type. The following FCHS students were recognized for their performance in the top 15 or higher in each event:

Rank Event Student(s)
2nd Dragster Design Brayden Foster
3rd Flight Endurance Ben Collins
4th Photographic Technology Nelson Soriero
7th Outstanding Student Hunter Alexander
8th Debating Technological Issues 
Hunter Alexander
Jonathan Squires
9th Webmaster Hunter Alexander
11th Georgia Electrathon Rally 
Joshua Truelove
Patrick Conner
Josey Chambers
Brayden Foster
12th On-Demand Video 
Gene Carbonell
Joshua Oliver
Hunter Alexander
Nelson Soriero
Steven Setser
Will Garland
13th Future Technology Teacher Gavin Gibbs
14th Coding 
Christian Jensen
John Moler
Jonathan Squires
15th Video Game Design 
Christian Jensen
Jonathan Squires

Earning a top 15 ranking in the State is a great achievement for these students. They spent many hours working on their projects outside of the normal school hours, and their hard work has paid off. Several of them have earned the right to attend the TSA National Conference being held in Atlanta from June 22-26, 2018. Isaiah Cargle qualified for the State VEX Tournament and competed in the top 32 tournament.

Middle School Finalists:
Tech Bowl - 3rd place - Luke Pelfrey, Kaelin Cornelius, and Tyler Ensley

Chapter team - 7th place - Abby Vest, James Kyle, Lucas Barnstead, Kaelin Cornelius, Bryce Ware, and Luke Pelfrey

Problem solving - 2nd place - James Kyle and Bryce Ware

Outstanding student - 7th place - Abby Vest

First Lego League - 7th place - Luke Pelfrey, Sam Jabaley, Tristen Siler, James Kyle, Abby Vest, and Kaelin Cornelius

Vex Robotics – Top 3 Middle Schools – Two teams - Lucas Barnstead and James Kyle - Bryce Ware and Tristen Siler

Dragster – Brayden Foster proudly showing his 2nd ranked CO2 Dragster. His car was awarded a gold medal for Best in Show, and he will be headed to Nationals.

Flight Endurance – Ben Collins holds his 3rd place airplane. Ben placed 7th last year at the State competition, and he will be headed to Nationals.

High School Attendees (L to R) Front – Rowan Shewmake, Hunter Alexander, Patrick Conner, Gene Carbonell, Will Garland, Steven Setser. Middle – John Moler, Joshua Truelove, Ramtin Doroodchi, Brayden Foster. Back – Josey Chambers, Christian Jensen, Gavin Gibbs, Isaiah Cargle, Nelson Soriero, Jonathan Squires, Eli Young

High School Top Ten Finalists (L to R) – Hunter Alexander (7th place in Outstanding Student, 8th place in Webmaster, and 8th place in Debate), Jonathan Squires (8th place in Debate, 14th in Coding, and 15th in Video Game Design), Brayden Foster (2nd Place and Best in Show in Dragster), and Nelson Soriero (4th place in Photographic Technology)

Middle School Attendees (L to R) – Front – Rachel Prater, Kaelin Cornelius, Abby Vest. Back – James Kyle, Bryce Ware, Lucas Barnstead, Luke Pelfrey, Sam Jabaley, Tristen Siler

Problem Solving Middle School – (L to R) – Bryce Ware and James Kyle are proud of their 3rd place finish, and are qualified for Nationals.

Technology Bowl Middle School – (L to R) – Tyler Ensley, Kaelin Cornelius, and Luke Pelfrey show off their 3rd place trophy

UGA Softball Game – Steven Setser and Joshua Truelove having fun at the UGA Softball game

Vex Robotics (L to R) – Lucas Barnstead, Gavin Gibbs, Isaiah Cargle, James Kyle

Middle School Finalists – Middle School attendees proudly display their finalist trophies.

Electric Car Team – Joshua Truelove, Hunter Alexander, Patrick Conner, and Josey Chambers show off their 11th place Electric Car.

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