FCHS TSA Competes at State Conference
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Tuesday, March 14, 2017
FCHS TSA Competes at State Conference
FCHS TSA Competes at State Conference

The Fannin County Technology Student Association (TSA) middle and high school teams traveled to Athens, GA to compete at the 2017 State Conference.  Students competed in events ranging from electric go carts to robotics to extemporaneous speech to video production.  More information on TSA can be found at http://gatsa.org/

Some highlights include racing in the Georgia Electrathon competition which is an all electric vehicle race where students design, build, and drive their own cars.  Students are given one hour to complete as many laps as possible.  Vanya DeCesare and Hunter Alexander both made good showings with their electric cars completing over 70 laps each.

Ben Collins built a rubber band powered airplane that flew for 37 seconds which placed him in the top 10 finalists in the flight endurance competition.

Freshmen Isaiah Cargle and Joshua Truelove competed in VEX Robotics at the high school level, and Max Mathis, Patrick Conner, and Brayden Foster finished in the top 10 for middle school in VEX robotics.  The middle school students competed against high school teams.

The Lego Mindstorms middle school team of Jordan Ensley, Patrick Conner, Abby Vest, Ivie Chapman, Bryce Ware, Lucas Barnstead, Kiaya Jones, James Kyle, Kaelin Cornelius, and Luke Pelfrey finished in the top ten with their robot.

Patrick Conner, Jordan Ensley, and Kaelin Cornelius earned a top ten finish in the middle school Technology Bowl competition, and Patrick Conner scored a top ten overall finish for his Technology Bowl written score.

The middle school Chapter Team of Jordan Ensley, Abby Vest, Kiaya Jones, Bradyen Foster, Kaelin Cornelus, Patrick Conner, Ivie Chapman, and James Kyle finished in the top ten.

Brayden Foster and James Kyle competed in CO2 car design placing 9th and 12th overall and Brayden won best of show with his car.

Patrick Conner finished in the top 10 in the outstanding student competition.

Jordan Ensley finished in the top 10 in prepared speech.

In addition to competing, students also had the opportunity to attend a UGA baseball game and get their picture made with Hairy Dawg!  The overall experience of attending a State competition with over 2600 high school students is priceless.  Students get to compete against the best and brightest students in STEM related activities.  STEM careers offer students great opportunities to succeed in the future, and these students are well on their way to successful futures!  Students left the conference excited about TSA and looking forward to competing next year.

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